Green Building

Reybold Group brings the benefits of going green home.

Go green at home for a better life

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning or renting a green home, Reybold puts green living within your reach. The benefits of going green at home are endless, not only reducing your carbon footprint and minimizing the impact you have on the environment, but significantly improving your quality of life. From cost reductions to alleviating everyday concerns, here are just a few of the advantages of going green with Reybold:

  • Our green homes are 52% more efficient than a standard home.
  • Energy costs are reduced by 30%. Indoor air quality, heating,and cooling systems create a comfortable, healthy living environment.
  • Water usage is reduced by 40-50%.
  • Quality construction materials minimize maintenance and repairs, ensuring peace of mind from the time you buy to the time you sell.
  • Alternative energy sources save money and are a strong investment.

Reybold selected a Top 10 Green Builder nationwide!

Reybold was selected as one of only nine builders recognized in the U.S. with NGBS certification for excellence in green building for the 2013-14 year from Home Innovation Research Labs.

And we take this honor seriously. So seriously in fact that to us, it’s not enough to just meet the minimum requirements to make your home eco-friendly. At Reybold, it is our standard to go above and beyond the requirements for green building set by New Castle County. From the very beginning of the building process, our team chooses locations that avoid environmentally- sensitive habitats—and then continues to minimize disturbance, erosion, and wildlife impact while working to protect our ecosystem. Reybold construction teams are experienced, adhering to strict guidelines for green building, and using quality materials to make your home as efficient as possible. We strive to continually improve our practices in order to boost your quality of life.

And that’s just the beginning. Our green building commitment goes way beyond clearing the land, right down to the appliances, fixtures and building materials used in your home.

Reybold Residential Properties For Lease

1. Certification

Reybold homes have on average a score of 47 on the Home Energy Rating Scale (HERS), meaning our homes are 52% more efficient than a standard home. Counted in this score are energy efficient lighting systems and efficient heating and cooling equipment.

2. Construction Materials

Materials like 30-year architectural shingles, engineered floor joists and 2×6 stud construction materials work to reduce the carbon footprint of Reybold homes.

3. Insulation

With R-49 Blown Insulation in the attic, R-21 insulation in exterior walls and house wrap under the siding, your Reybold home is wrapped and sealed green.

4. Heating & Cooling

Tightly sealed ductwork and framing. Eco-friendly furnace and air conditioning systems. Plus optional systems for geothermal heating and cooling, TruFresh Ventilation, smart thermostat and more. Reybold has experience installing the latest green technology in our newly built homes.

5. Water Heaters

Reybold homeowners can choose from two highly-efficient water heating systems, including a high recovery/high efficiency model and a state-of-the-art tankless hot-water system. Both provide greener ways to supply your home with on-demand hot water.

6. Electric & Lighting

Your electric and lighting choices can make a huge impact on your wallet, as well as your carbon footprint. CFL fixtures, LED lighting and optional solar electricity are all environmentally-friendly electricity options offered with Reybold new construction.

7. Appliances

Energy Star appliances appear in all Reybold homes, helping residents cut energy costs by up to 30%.

8. Bathroom Features

Yes, you can go green in the bathroom too! Dual flush toilet, motion timed fan and low flow showers make a difference in Reybold homes.

9. Finishes

Even features like kitchen cabinetry, decking materials, paint and carpet can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.