All About Reybold

Dedication to quality is the foundation of our business

50 Years and Growing

The Reybold Group is a multi-faceted and integrated company with 50 years’ real estate experience. The ultimate vision – continuously improve the quality of life (live, work, play) in the region. To achieve the goal, Reybold has invested in and developed several business units including:
> Construction
> Residential Leasing
> New Residential Sales
> Commercial Leasing
> Construction Technologies

Each division’s management objectives highlight safety and a commitment to excellence. Accordingly, we carefully design each project surpassing existing code and Green standards; vet and select local merchants who supply the best materials and qualified labor, providing cost savings in our processes that we share with our customers; develop relationships with our customers assuring satisfaction and excellence in the customer experience; invest in the region’s good works improving the quality of living and working throughout New Castle County; furnish and support vital jobs that support the local economy.

Giving Back to the Communities We Serve

We actively partner with organizations to better our communities, improve health, provide opportunities, support education and help those in need.


Community Focused

Our community involvement promotes progress for all who live and work in region.


A Trusted Partner

Throughout our history, we’ve partnered with organizations that improve our communities and better peoples’ lives.


Building A Better Region

We commit our company values to making the Mid-Atlantic region a better place to live, work and play.

Careers: Build a Future at Reybold

We are a family at the Reybold Group. We empower each team member to make a meaningful contribution and achieve their potential within a positive working environment.

Capable Leadership for the Company and the Community

Reybold’s values and community focus begin with company leadership. Senior management leads through extensive experience, the highest level of ethics, and an ongoing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Closely involved with all facets of the company’s operations, their dedication to building and bettering the Mid-Atlantic region is reflected in everything we do.