Snowstorms can be lots of fun for the family as long as you take the proper precautions. On the other hand, if you’re constantly worrying about your house, or dealing with frozen pipes or poor insulation, a big snowstorm can turn into a nightmare. When the weatherman starts calling for snow, it’s time to get in gear and prepare your home for the coming storm. Here’s how:


Stock Up Ahead Of Time

In the lead-up to a snowstorm, the grocery stores will be jammed with customers preparing for the coming storm. Even before any snow is predicted, you should stock up on bottled water, flashlights, batteries, and canned food. Of course, if you haven’t gone shopping by the time you hear about impending weather, don’t worry. Just make sure you go to the store as soon as you can. Not only will the stores be over-crowded, but if you go too late, the store might be sold out of what you need.


Double Check Winter Prep

Hopefully, you prepared your house for general winter weather before the season began. Whether or not you did, there are still steps to take to protect your house from a nasty snowstorm. Your home’s water supply can cause lots a lot of problems when the temperature drops. Disconnect all your hoses, open sink cabinets to let in warm air, and double check the insulation on any exposed pipes. Frozen or burst pipes are a real hassle to deal with – especially in a snowstorm.


Shovel Early

Accumulated snow gets heavy quickly, and it begins to freeze. Before the snow falls, put out a layer of rock salt to delay the accumulation of snow. If it snows enough, snowfall will eventually build up and it’s important to start shoveling right away. Shovel the walkway in front of your door, the sidewalk, and around your car, and then re-salt the areas you have shoveled. In case of an emergency you’ll want to be able to get to your car in a hurry. And look on the bright side, all that shoveling will make for good exercise while you’re cooped up inside. Just make sure you wear warm clothing, stretch, and take breaks out there in the cold.


Snowstorms are an inevitable part of winter. Don’t worry about maintenance while your children celebrate a snow day. Prepare your house ahead of time and join in on the snow day fun.