In the midst of a busy life, being mindful of our environmental impact can easily slip its way to the bottom of our list of priorities. This year, make the most of Earth Day by stopping to consider all the ways that your domestic practices and habits are having an effect on not only the planet, but also on your wallet and well-being.
The theme of Earth Day 2015 is “Our Turn To Lead.” This theme reminds us that the future of the planet is within our control — the choices we make every day add up to create the reality we’ll have to live with in the future. Since we’re dedicated to benefiting and advancing the Delaware community and the region we call home, not to mention the entire planet, we ask you to join us this April 22 in making these small changes to create a more environmentally-friendly home.


Don’t Hesitate to Insulate

Air leaking out of your home can cost a surprising amount of money in heating and cooling costs. Make sure your doors and windows have weather stripping. Fill any and all passages through which air can escape, including air conditioners, floor gaps, electrical outlets, and switch boxes. If your attic and basement aren’t already insulated, we advise you to do so using environmentally-friendly materials such as sheep’s wool or cotton.


The Electric Slide

There are a lot of small changes that can make a big difference when it comes to energy usage. Firstly, consider using a green lightbulb. There are two types — LED (light emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent light). Each have their slight perks but both will save money and reduce air and water pollution. You can also save energy by hanging laundry to dry when possible and plugging all electronics into a power strip and turning it off when you leave the house.


H2Oh So Simple

Most of the water we use is unnecessary and wasteful. For example, we don’t need all the water that we use in a shower; installing a low-flow shower head can save a gallon of water per minute, reducing water usage by 40 percent. Additionally, take the time to fix leaky faucets — drips and drops do add up over time — and make sure your washing machine is set on cold and to the appropriate load size.


The Reybold Group wishes your family a healthy and productive Earth Day, reminding you that the choices we make in our personal homes have a direct impact on our collective home, planet Earth.