You may be moving down to Delaware to get away from it all, or just to get in on that tax-free shopping, but did you know it’s also an excellent place for your business?

One industry that is growing rapidly in our tiny state is the tech sector. Wilmington is right in the middle of what could become the East Coast’s Silicon Valley. With its access to cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., favorable public policy, and supportive community, the city is positioned to have a very vibrant tech scene.

Did you know that the state of Delaware is the legal home to more than 50% of all publicly traded companies in the United States? That includes 64% of the Fortune 500. As many have already figured out, Delaware is a fantastic place to start a business because of its favorable tax and corporation laws. What’s more is that “Software Developer” just happens to be the most common job held by a new resident to Delaware – and it’s the only area of the country where that’s the case. Whether you already work in the tech industry or are looking for a place to start your own tech-oriented business, Delaware is the place to be.

The tech scene is building upon one of Delaware’s best features – the small state, tight-knit community atmosphere. A thriving tech subculture in Wilmington just keeps growing and growing, as they support each other’s ventures in improving people’s lives with technology. There is even a monthly Delaware Tech Meetup and other tech community events.

If you’re a tech professional, Delaware is one of the great industry hotbeds, and will only continue to grow. Even if you work in another industry, Delaware is a great state to start your business, or include on your next job search.