For Moments that Matter


With springtime officially upon us, it's time to clear your house of winter clutter. After you've completed the annual rite of spring cleaning, you may be left wondering what to do with items you simply don't use anymore. Instead of throwing things out, make a yard sale part of your springtime ritual. Below are tips to reduce stress and maximize success in the planning and execution of your next yard sale.


Select a date and time to hold your sale that's sunny, warm, dry and not close to any upcoming holidays. In case of rain, decide if you're both willing and able to hold your sale entirely in your garage or select a rain date as well. Pick a date about a month in advance -  Saturdays and Sundays tend to be the most successful. Before solidifying your plans though, make sure to find out about any permits or restrictions your town may have on holding a yard sale.


When dropping off winter items at a storage unit, take a look around the unit. If you haven't used something in over a year, consider including it in your sale. Begin gathering items in your home and price as you go. Decide early on if you're open to bargaining with customers. Make sure all items are clean and in good condition, and wash any clothes or linens. Think of prices you'd expect to see at a yard sale, which tend to be 1/2 or 1/3 of retail prices. Label every single item and preferably on the top or side of the merchandise where it can be easily viewed without being picked up. Bag any sets for ease of selling.



When it comes time for your yard sale, merchandise presentation is the final key to success. Place large items like furniture closer to the curb, as well as more valuable items. To further entice shoppers, consider having a box near the curb with free items. Plan ahead for how many tables you'll need to display merchandise, and group like-minded items together. Lay items out neatly and hang up any clothes. Be sure to place a mirror near clothing and jewlery. Give your sale some fun ambiance by playing music in the background.

Day-of Preparations

Be ready for any and everything. Start with having plenty of change on-hand, as well as bags for customers to take home their wares. Keep measuring tape, markers, and paper nearby as resources for whatever the situation. Rearrange items throughout the day to keep tables looking full of merchandise. Consider a price reduction after a certain point in the day, and have a plan for the leftover items such as donating them, putting on Freecycle or saving for the next sale.

This spring, have fun de-cluttering your home by holding a yard sale with your family. Invite your neighbors as well and connect to the community. In addition to feeling good about recycling your items rather than throwing them out, enjoy the extra cash with a family outing!