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Your kids have all finally gone off to college, gotten jobs, or moved into their own apartments, leaving a little extra space and a lot of extra stuff for you to decide what to do with. Now that your youngest has flown the coop, you can repurpose that newly vacated extra bedroom to fit your lifestyle.

Decide what space suits your needs the best.

It can be a guest room, a home office, a craft room, a man cave, anything you want. Regardless, you'll want to keep it uncluttered and accessible - so going through everything that's already living there is a must.

Determine what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away.

Anything that holds special value or important information should be kept; you can find it a home once you finish clearing out the space. Anything that is gently used, but you no longer need, can be donated. The rest can be thrown out.

Involve your kids if possible.

Going through memories together is a good bonding experience, letting you both reminisce and trade stories. It also allows you to determine what items they're attached to, so you don't accidentally throw away something important.

Utilize storage options.

Anything that your family wants to keep, but that you don't have room for, can be put in storage. If your kid is still in college and brings all her stuff home for the summer, store that away as well to prevent it from invading your space for a few months.

Reybold offers many self-storage units and packing supplies for your convenience. Once you've cleared out and reorganized your empty nest, relax and enjoy the extra space.